Global Independent Film Awards Accepting Submissions

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The Global Independent Film Awards is an online awards competition dedicated to recognizing filmmakers and actors for high quality work. The GIFA understands the amount of effort, commitment, and dedication that goes into creating high caliber films. GIFA also realizes how important it is for filmmakers who achieve success in various aspects of filmmaking to be recognized for their successes. Because GIFA values the hard work and merits of various departments and individuals who contribute to the total film experience, the competition offers a wide variety of awards to recognize well-deserving candidates. While GIFA may award more or less depending on the films submitted, the standard line-up of 30 awards includes Best Picture awards, as well as awards for scripts, acting, technical, artistic, and specialty categories. GIFA awarded 105 medals and 99 medals to deserving actors and filmmakers for exceptional work in the May and June 2015 competitions, respectively. – See more at: