Judge Larry David Willis Accused of Judicial Misconduct In Child Support Cases

CHESAPEAKE, Va. – Judge Larry D. Willis, one of three presiding judges assigned to the Chesapeake Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts, is being accused of judicial misconduct based on his rulings in several child support cases. A group of concerned fathers is calling for an investigation into the cases brought before the judge to assess the lawfulness of his rulings. They are also encouraging other fathers to speak out.

According to the group, Judge Larry D. Willis commonly orders fathers appearing in the Chesapeake Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts to pay more than 65 percent of their income in child support, a violation of both state and federal law. The judge is also accused of setting excessively high appeal bonds, further preventing fathers from seeking fair treatment under the law.

Efforts are being led by Fred Smith, founder of Chesapeake Fathers for Justice and Fair Treatment.

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