If you #Chelfie when you shop, you need Pollpic

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Reportedly celebs like Jessie J are doing it: that is posting selfies from the changing room and sharing them in order to decide what outfit to buy.

The #Chelfie – highlighted recently in an article by The Sunday Times – is actually what inspired self-confessed techie Ranjet Chohan to create his app Pollpic.

‘My wife was always sending me changing room selfies of different clothes asking me which one I liked but she was also sending the same photos to several of her best friends,’ Ranjet explains ‘,And me being pressed for time (impatient) I wanted a better way to respond like swiping the image to show if I liked it. But I also secretly wanted to know what her friends thought so I could see how bad my taste in clothes really is…’

– See more at: http://www.datsyn.com/article/4428/2015/08/20/If-you-Chelfie-when-you-shop-you-need-Pollpic#sthash.6P5DYPAb.dpuf