Kenn Farr Set To Explode on The Scene With Southern Inspired New Gospel Album

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Kenn Farr is set to release to eager fans worldwide the new production laced with soulful gospel music called Preacher’s Son- Come Get Some. The new gospel album is scheduled to be made available by August 25, 2015.

Kenn Farr grew up in Houston, Texas in the Bible belt region of Mid-Western United States. His music lends to the experience gained from being immersed in a highly religious setting from he was a youngster.

Kenn Farr, as his new gospel album labels him, is the son of a preacher. He grew up in church in Houston and was heavily influenced by gospel music as a child and teenager. Now an adult, he intends to place his mark on history as a new gospel artiste that produces Inspirational Christian Music. He now lives in Dallas, Texas and with his church, community and expectant fans waiting for the new album release, he doesn’t intend to disappoint.

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