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So it’s your big day, your wedding day, and you want to make sure that absolutely every moment is captured by your photographer, so you make sure and let them know beforehand exactly what you’re going to want. You plan out every moment to the second to make sure that your day can be remembered exactly the way you want it.

Once the big day is over, what do you want from your wedding photographer? Well, if you lived in the world of 10 or more years ago, you’d want a big wedding photography package and wedding album made of every single picture your photographer took that day, likely taken on actual film, not digitally, including some big enlargements for your wall, and even prints of pictures to give to your family, since in many cases the copyright for the photos still belonged to the wedding photographer themselves. So what’s changed? In a word, it’s simply; technology.  According to Wedding Photography by Liam; “I photographed my first wedding using film not digital. The wedding photography industry has changed dramatically. Digital has changed things; the internet, computers, social media. Back in the day, it was not uncommon for a bride to order $500 or even $1,000 in prints or enlargements from us after we photographed their wedding. Those days are gone”.

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