Abraham Abulafia: RazielAbulafia.com Brings Abulafia’s Ecstatic Meditations Back to the World

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TZFAT – Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia founded the Ecstatic Kabbalah and wrote about the famous Abulafia’s Circles. After centuries of oblivion, the blog RazielAbulafia.com is helping readers to rediscover Abraham Abulafia’s wisdom

Abulafia’s portal RazielAbulafia.com is bringing Abraham Abulafia’s meditations to the general public. Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia is one of the leading masters of Kabbalah. But his teachings have been considered too ground-breaking to be shared outside the kabbalistic circles. The Kabbalah presented nowadays is mainly about descriptive Kabbalah, while Abraham Abulafia’s Kabbalah and meditations are about experiencing unity with the Supreme, instead of just talking about it.

The most popular kabbalistic book, the Zohar (“Book of Splendor”, “Book of Radiance”) written by another Spanish kabbalist (Moses de Leon), is a description of what kabbalists experienced during their ecstatic meditations. However, the Zohar provides no insights about how to go through a similar experience. Abraham Abulafia, in books like Chayei ha-Olam ha-Ba, described the steps of ecstatic meditations.
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