Rosetta Translation offers its translation services for over 150 different languages

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Shanghai: Globalization has contributed largely to the expansion of MNCs operating in far off countries. The only thing which is a barrier for many companies to operate in different countries is the aspect of language. However, thanks to different agencies offering their translation services the problem of language to be a barrier has reduced drastically. However, complexity of languages and their implications are a real thing to consider when choosing such services. There are a large number of companies who offer their services in this field but not all have the expertise to cover a wide range of languages. Rosetta Translation is a company which is based in Shanghai and caters to this need of clients from across the world. They have a team of experts who cater to translation of over 150 different languages.

Their services includes document translation, interpretation, subtitling, localization, etc. These experts are well-equipped to deal with different arenas such as legal, financial, medical as well as technical translation. They majorly cater as a Shanghai translation services provider for global companies who wish to operate within China and need to be well prepared with the local language and other documentations. They specialize in Chinese translation and the company is headed by the popularly known Rosetta Translation Group which is headquartered in London. The group has 5 offices across the globe and the Shanghai translation is managed by its subsidiary which is known as Rosetta Translation Shanghai. Their services are categorized under interpretation, transcription, translation, etc. across different language categories.