Gift Card Program

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Netcom PaySystem Gift Card Program makes it easy for your business to boost revenue and increase cash flow. Did you know that more than 72% of gift card holders will spend more than the value of their card when redeeming it? As a matter of fact, consumers on average make 2-3 visits to use the entire value of their card. Since you will use your existing terminal to load and redeem gift cards, getting started is easy. And with low startup costs, there is no reason your business shouldn’t take advantage of the increased revenue streams a gift card program can provide.


1. Increase your sales:
On average the recipient will spend 20% MORE than their gift card value

2. Expand your product line:
Immediately add a new product that your business can sell.

3. Get a piece of the pie:
* Over $100 Billion is spent on Gift Cards annually
* 93% of U.S. consumers purchase or receive a gift card annually
* Consumers spend an average of $213/year on gift cards
* 83% of corporations use gift & prepaid cards for employee incentives – See more at: