Wotech solar expand marketshare in Indonesia, Banglasdesh and other develeping countries

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This is the reason that companies around the world are coming with their best variations of solar panels. These solar panels, used over a vast part of land, are able enough to run a lot of commercial works through the electricity made directly from the solar energy.

Due to chronic power outages and inadequate electrical service in many areas of Indonesia and andbangladesh, a small number of people in these two countries are resorting to the use of solar energy.

“People in rural areas began to use solar energy earlier than those in thoese areas due to inadequate public electricity service in rural areas,” said Mr Yu, the director of Wotech solar Group limited, a company that supplies and installs solar energy systems.

Mr ye Said that we produce solar panel from 5w to 300w, we have many wholesalers in these two countries , who has installed solar energy systems in sports clubs and homes in several governorates.

“Businessmen working in the field of solar energy present the idea to rural residents…and convince them that it is an appropriate alternative because [the investment is only] about $1000 for households with moderate electricity usage,” he said.

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