Leaders of Motivation Workout Music

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Muscle Prodigy, known as the leaders of motivational workout music, is at it again with another hit. During its first week of launch, the album, Alpha Motivation, launched to the #1 most downloaded music album in the iTunes “Fitness & Workout” category and the “Comedy/Spoken Word/Other” category of Google Play amongst thousands of other albums.

Muscle Prodigy’s motivation music album contains intense speeches from renowned speaker Jaret Grossman behind epic instrumental music produced by Slapaholic Beats to pump you up for that workout session or day at the office. Alpha Motivation is built off of the incredible success of Muscle Prodigy’s first album, It’s All on You, released back in 2013, which inspired a multitude of other companies to enter this new genre of music. “We took a risk being the first ones to release this new type of genre and it paid off in a big way. Several artists have followed in our footsteps, but we have a loyal fan base that allowed us to top the charts so quickly,” said Grossman. He spent a year doing a motivational video every day on the brand’s YouTube channel MuscleProdigyTV, furthering their popularity to 100,000 Subscribers and the quality of his content.

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