Retirement: Is This All There Is?

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Coronado, CA.  – Sue Whitaker’s motto is “If you’re knocked down, let it only be momentarily. For if you’re down too long, great opportunities will pass you by.”

When shebecame a Senior Citizen, Sue became acutely aware of the many issues people are confronted with before, during and after retirement. Watching Seniors being faced with financial concerns due to economic downturns, loneliness, boredom and lack of purpose, it became apparent that too many were falling into the “is this all there is?” syndrome.

Wondering how she’d support herself to maintain the quality of lifestyle she desired in her retirement years and also feeling a lack of purpose, Sue knew she wanted and needed to make a change.Knowing she had many productive and active years ahead, she stepped up to the plate and developed a “comeback planto un-retire.”

Her first book — Job or Entrepreneur? How to Prepare to Un-Retire– in Sue’sA Senior’s Journey book series — is a powerful resource forpeople considering returning to the workforce.Thetips, tools and resources eases them through the intimidating process of “un-retiring,” andsmoothly transitions their re-entranceas a “Comeback Senior,” whether it’s as an employee, business owner, entrepreneur or even as a volunteer.

Her own enlightening stories, and those of other Comeback Seniors, show that with the right attitude, mindset, contacts, information and training, having a “do-over” can be fun as it givespeople a second chance to do what they’ve always wanted to do. Or to find the right fit for a new job instead of settling for less, as they deserve to have their next years be their best years.

“It was important to write Job or Entrepreneur? How to Prepare to Un-Retireto show Seniors they don’t have towake up every day with the feeling of ‘is this all there is?’ in the pit of their stomachs,” Sue stated. “I want them to know they canstart over and become a Comeback Senior without it being daunting and overwhelming. My book is proof you can reinvent yourself at any age, and have a fulfilling, satisfied and happy life for many years to come.” – See more at: