Chinese Expectations for EB-5 Dim

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It is a particularly American paradigm that we view all news from our own perspective. Perhaps that is because we are geographically “isolated” from the multiple-country, multi-cultural continents of South America, Europe and Asia. Even though the United States was built on immigration, it has also been the proverbial “melting pot” where cultural identities, although preserved, have taken a back seat to the privilege of blending into our uniquely Western way of life.

For that reason, we were drawn to an article that appeared on the Chinese website on July 2, 2015.

Although reporting on a visit to Shanghai by former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill and the current Idaho Secretary of Commerce, Jeffrey Thayer, who were seeking investors for the Walker Ranch Geothermal Energy projects, the site reported a “decline in the investment attractiveness [for] immigrants.” It seems that, according to the report, some potential Chinese investors are beginning to lack confidence in the ability of the project purveyors’ ability to follow through while the EB-5 program hangs in limbo between retrogression and potential expiration.

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