Am I Psychic? – A scientific mobile app to test psychic ability

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NAPA, CA — Based on the scientific discipline of parapsychology, “Am I Psychic?” is the first of its kind to hit the app market place. “Am I Psychic?” takes a scientific approach into discovering if you have psychic abilities. The app tests the psychic ability of its user with a built in pseudo random number generator which essentially acts as a very complex coin flipper, but flipped using binary means.

Using this built-in PRNG, users can play games which test for ESP (extra sensory perception) and PK (psychokinesis). The accuracy of the app is based on decades of academic parapsychological research with RNG’s. What makes the app even more interactive and useful is that once the user has finished playing, not only are they given their results, but if the users agrees, their results are also collected online and used for an academic research paper to try and prove or disprove the veracity of psychic ability.

Hundreds of academically published parapsychological research articles have used the same experimental protocol, but the difference is that there has never been an app that does this, which expands possible subjects to hundreds of millions of people. Also a percentage of the proceeds generated by the sale of the app will go to the oldest parapsychological research lab in the United States, the Rhine Research Center to help continue funding advanced research into the possibilities of human potential. At this point, the app is in the Alpha phase, the framework has been built as well as the revolutionary mobile PRNG engine.

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