Magic Cube, Formula-Cube 3x3x3 Three Layer, Magic Cube 56mm Black

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Are you a Rubiks Cube lover? Or do you want to try a puzzle that will exercise your brain a bit? If you are one of these persons, then Magic Cube, Formula Cube 3x3x3 is your perfect solution. It is a creatively designed puzzle cube that will help you become creative and intelligent!

Magic cube has an elegance appearance and it will instantly attract your eyes! It is made of a high quality ABS plastic material and the great look has been enhanced through colorful PVC stickers. The original logo is also very attractive.

Forget the traditional puzzle cubes that are very hard to rotate! Magic cube formula cube 3x3x3 allows very fast and smooth rotations. This swift turn is made possible by solid cross core axes. The traditional annoying sound that is produced by some cubes has been avoided in this puzzle design. In fact, even the closest person will not realize that you are playing with the magic cube!

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