Put Down Your Smart Phone and Ride an Airwheel Electric Scooter for Fun with Your Friend

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On buses, at stations and on the road, people are addicted to their smart phones. We get anxious when we left behind our phones at home accidentally. Even at home, we fiddle with our phones every now and then. We rely too much on our smart phones. Now, I propose leaving your phones behind and take your friend to altxexeee ride an Airwheel one-wheeled scooter for fun.

Phone is invented to get people closer but now it actually hinders communication between people. We tend to communicate with friends through virtual network. This is an efficient way of communication for people distant from each other. But here comes a new problem. Close friends chat freely on the Internet. But when we meet, sometimes, we barely have anything to talk about face to face. We just play with our phones. Now is the time to put down our phones and have fun with friends. We can ride Airwheel intelligent unicycles for an excursion and exchange opinions face to face. We may find the real world far more amazing. By this way, we will harvest more. – See more at: http://www.datsyn.com/press-release/3355/2015/07/07/Put-Down-Your-Smart-Phone-and-Ride-an-Airwheel-Electric-Scooter-for-Fun-with-Your-Friend#sthash.ehqwkM94.dpuf