More Fresh Air! A Reviving Urban Trip with Airwheel self balancing electric scooter

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Recently, an organization related to outdoor activities has officially released its second edition T-shirt of “I want fresh air”, intending to appeal to more people keen on Nature and healthy life to focus on environmental pollution, advocate a green and eco-friendly lifestyle and take the lead in driving less for a low-carbon purpose. Without a car, however, how can one go out? Airwheel intelligent scooter may provide a better solution.

Outdoorsy users may place an Airwheel scooter in the trunk, which will show its advantages at the destination. One can ride a balancing scooter together with families and enjoy wonderful scenery along country roads, instead of appreciating it inside a car. The electric Airwheel intelligent scooter, featured by low power consumption and low carbon, will never generate any waste gas. With consideration to the difference between leisure outdoors and extreme sports, Airwheel intelligent scooter provides an easier and more pleasant ride for users both old and young.
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