Japanese style Plush Shoulder packs live on Kickstarter

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By crowdfunding, Rocky Mountains LLC will be able to hire a manufacturer, to start the production of the Dragon and Inari Fox Shoulder Packs and keep up with the increasing demand for her amazing artistic creations with a difference.

So what makes these Plush shoulder packs different? well first of all they are stunning to look at. The Inari fox design is white with red markings in line with the Japanese tradition of Kitsune mythology, and has 3 tails, each one indicating the level of wisdom, age and power. The Dragon shoulder pack is based on Tiffany’s cape Dragon design and is equally stunning in Red and black.  Both Shoulder packs have the zipper on the belly, ensuring security and can hold all of your essential day-to-day items with ease.

– See more at: http://www.datsyn.com/press-release/3367/2015/07/07/Japanese-style-Plush-Shoulder-packs-live-on-Kickstarter#sthash.WZC0StiA.dpuf