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2014 has been a major year for tech. There have been new innovations, and there are all types of possibilities that didn’t exist before. Here are a few of the trends that have dominated in the last years, and a look at how those trends can effect the market in the future. ( Dubli )

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For starters, it appears that Android is highly in trend. This year, Android took over a significant proportion of the Smartphone marketshare, 79%. In comparison, Apple controls 15% of the marketshare, while Microsoft solely controls 4%. It’s obvious that more and more persons are being brought to Android innovations, and the iPhone is beginning to lose some of the prestige it previously possessed. It’s extremely possible that Apple will be launching a modern, hotter iProduct in the very near future. Another incredibly hot trend is wearable tech. ( Dubli )

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Electronic Movie Apparatus You Ought Own – What you will need to do is do research on the Web for the latest video hardware that is available, and identify what is not only cost effective but trendy. In the same way, the audio hardware that you opt for should have the capacity to play music on CDs, plus additionally play would as ever on your iPod or iPhone.

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