Is $800,000 Too Much for EB-5?

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Not everyone believes that the proposal to raise the minimum EB-5 investment to $800,000 is a good idea. Roxanne James, a professional property and investment writer suggests that the 60% increase may cause some EB-5 investors think twice. Their second thoughts may lead them in another direction – geographically speaking.

Based on 2014 applicants alone, the U.S. revenue stream from EB-5 investments would increase from $1.5 billion to $2.4 billion.

Ms. James believes that serious investors are likely to seriously consider other countries for relocation, particularly the UK where the minimum investment is a $1 million, which currently the equivalent of $1.56 million. The increase to $800,000 however, would still be about half of the British minimum. Nonetheless, from a property and investment writer’s perspective it would be somewhat surprising if there were not some modicum of concern.

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