Rchilli Parsing service being used in best Candidate Matching Solution Offered by Emptylemon

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“We made the investment to enhance the internal recruiter experience by matching candidates to the roles they have advertised on EmptyLemon.  We chose RChilli as the parsing component to separate out the key information in our pool of 467,000 CVs; it is then used with matching software Actonomy”. Andrew Kelly, Technical Director.

EmptyLemon was founded in 2010 and only posts jobs from the direct employers; it does not allow recruitment companies to advertise, so employers have less competition to secure the best candidates.  The goal of EmptyLemon is to put candidates directly in contact with employers, enhance the candidate experience and focus on employer branding.

The candidate matching software is an important component in EmptyLemon’s strategy to offer a cost effective and easy to use, all in one solution for employers, as opposed to investing in separate job posting and CV search credits. It will give internal recruiters an opportunity to see matched candidates for each role and take a proactive approach to contacting candidates.

– See more at: http://www.datsyn.com/press-release/3299/2015/07/01/Rchilli-Parsing-service-being-used-in-best-Candidate-Matching-Solution-Offered-by-Emptylemon#sthash.9Ie5Ixsr.dpuf