Open Letter To Donald Trump

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Mr. Trump,

As a Latino immigrant who came to this country 24 years ago in the same conditions that many of us arrive in the United States, I was shock to hear you say the things you did on national television. I figured I would share some of my feelings with you and provide some insights that may help you see things form a different point of view.

Growing up in Colombia, I lived homeless in the streets of Medellin and endured many hardships during the times of violence in my beloved country. Learning about your life and reading about your success, became a dream of hope to me, you were my idol and a role model for a young entrepreneur who dreamed of becoming successful. I read your books and followed your career closely. I always rooted for you and defended you when others attacked you.  Until recently I was a big fan. All of that changed when I heard you called Latinos the things that I am not going to repeat.

As many other immigrants from all over the world, I dreamed of coming to America to pursue my dreams and came here with nothing. I barely spoke the language and had to do a lot of the menial jobs available to most immigrants while pursuing my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. I cleaned rooms in a motel in Brooklyn, waited tables in many restaurants, worked in small retail stores in the Bronx but never lost sight of what I came here to accomplish. Today, I am the CEO of my own company and enjoy the benefits of my hard labor.

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