Insights into Chinese Investors

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“The booming Chinese economy has generated private wealth on a vast scale, a loosening regulatory environment makes it increasingly easy for Chinese to invest overseas and a slower domestic property market has driven investors to search for new opportunities on other shores,” according to Juwai, the leading Chinese real estate website.

However, “overseas” does not necessarily mean the United States. Nor does it mean that the wealthiest investors are migrating to the U.S. In fact, for those who are looking for a new residence, the U.S. ranks number one on Juwai’s website in terms of properties viewed, however, the U.S. ranks seventh in the average price of homes searched, coming in at $725,510. That is a mere 20% of the average price viewed in Singapore and France.

If the price of homes indicates extent of assets, then France, Portugal, the UK, Canada and Spain precede the United States on the top ten list. If, however, the number of homes viewed indicates country of preference, the U.S. is followed, in order, by Australia, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand.

Juwai believes that search price is directly related to “the ultimate transaction price.” If that is true, it may be reasonable to conclude that the ratio of super wealthy investors to wealthy investors seeking to migrate to Singapore, France and Portugal is greater than elsewhere. We do know, according to the report, that a very broad price range of properties in the U.S. were viewed.

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