10 years on have we forgotten the horrors of Katrina?

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[New Orleans, Louisiana] – Beverly Kimble Davis, artist and native of New Orleans is pleased to announce the launch of The Forgotten Horrors of Katrina crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Among the earliest casualties of the flood of New Orleans was “Truth”!  Its’ body is lying buried in some unmarked, shallow grave. Who will speak for Katrina’s voiceless, her missing, the dead? 

The Travelling Art Exhibition focuses on the truth of the events following the disaster that took place 10 years ago in New Orleans.

The Truth & Remembrance Tour will initially take the series of paintings to New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Toronto.

Beverly Kimble Davis will accompany her paintings to provide first-hand information and published materials related to the images and stories they reflect.

·  The untold stories of what happened to the citizens during the days, the weeks and months after the flood?

·  The thousands and thousands of houses sitting empty and damaged so many years after the flood?

·  The former occupants of those houses, where are they today and what is their status?

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