Patient Fingerprint Biometrics revolutionises US Healthcare Payment system

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The simple fingerprint scanning technology is needed in every hospital around the world and it has been estimated that the use of the groundbreaking technology can save 100,000 lives in the first year in the US alone.

The increase in an aging population, lower incomes and the onslaught of more long term conditions and infectious disease has left the healthcare system in a woeful state. The number of staff being hired is insufficient, the ability to manage the needs of older adults is lacking and the management systems are certainly not keeping pace with the advancements in need and requirement of healthcare in the United States today.

ID4MEDS is easy to use and allows all hospital staff to positively identify a patient, their records and their healthcare history. The system streamlines the recording, administration and tracking processes, saving time and massively reducing the risk of human error in the treatment of patients and administration of medication.

The use of ID4MEDS as simply an administration tool seems sufficient enough, but it has even more value to add to the healthcare system. By implementing ID4MEDS into the medical facilities administration systems, Medicare payments and reimbursements can be made and the health outcomes tracked and recorded accordingly.

According to The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, “Half of all Medicare reimbursements by 2018 will be made to medical-care providers through ‘alternative’ payment models.”

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