Startup 4.0 Bill Proposes New Immigration Category

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There is a little-known bill before Congress called the Startup Act 4.0. While other proposals address EB-5 reform, the Startup bill proposes the creation of an entirely new immigration category for entrepreneurs.

Benzinga reports that, “The new bill would create an entrepreneur visa enabling up to 75,000 non-citizens to start and attempt to grow a business in the United States, as well as a new category for up to 50,000 foreign-born students who graduate from United States universities, with degrees in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM fields). In addition, this new bill would finally eliminate caps on the number of work visas granted to individuals from each country.”

Entrepreneurship immigration will have its share of critics, but it is not a passive form of investment. Rather it opens the doors for people such as foreign students here on a student visa to be able to remain in the U.S. permanently in return for creating new businesses that, in turn, create more jobs for American citizens. If we are going to train them, we ought to retain them.

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