RapTroop: Music collaboration on a Global scale

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A social network for audiodigital creators to create jobs, projects, and music.

1. For the millions of indie artists in the world, there is currently not a centralized directory and collaboration social network that includes people who contribute to ALL steps of music project creation. This is going from portfolio management, to production, to marketing and everything in between.

A scalable smartphone compatible webplatform like this will be key in helping individuals work and find local talent. Considering that there are few classified local services in developing nations, this should open the way to collaboration intranationally (within a nation), and internationally (across nations)

2. Graphic designers, videographers, photographers, and marketers need not be ostracised from the music world because they are required for music projects. These creative types also usually are seeking freelance experience and projects to do.

  • Graphic Designers and other professionals in the photography realm, can be extremely entrepreneurial in nature. For instance According to studentscholarships.org, Currently, 25.3% of the graphic design’s employment base is classified as self-employed. Even more shocking, roughly 63% of Photographers are self-employed. This is considered above average for the industry as a whole.

– See more at: http://www.datsyn.com/press-release/3257/2015/06/23/RapTroop-Music-collaboration-on-a-Global-scale#sthash.qhiBdjcI.dpuf