Pipeliner CRM Releases Inspirational and Practical eBook for Entrepreneurial Success

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Today, Pipeliner CRM released the 10 Guiding Principles for Entrepreneurs by Nikolaus Kimla, CEO. The book is the latest in a trilogy of titles focused on Entrepreneurial thought leadership. The other two books in the series, Evolution in Progress: How the Entrepreneur Is Changing the World and The Principles of Entrepreneurs, are also available in Pipeliner CRM’s Sales Reference Library.

“It is my belief — as you’ll find in the book — that entrepreneurs are actually the best hope for the ongoing prosperity of our planet and culture,” said Kimla. “One of my passions is enabling and empowering the crucial entrepreneurial personality.”

In this eBook

Power quote from 10 Guiding Principles for Entrepreneurs:

“Any activity is governed by principles or natural laws. Some are obvious—skydiving, obviously, is governed by gravity. Flying is also subject to gravity, as well as wind and air patterns. Driving an automobile is subject to mass, power, friction, wind resistance, and a number of other variables. Some governing factors are not so obvious. For hundreds of years economics has been subject to “principles” in various schools of thought that actually contradict each other.”

Kimla believes that the most brilliant principles are to be found in the Austrian School of Economic Thought, and have shared some of the most fundamental ones in this book.

Entrepreneurs–young, old, brand-new, or seasoned veterans–will benefit from this book.  While management is about getting things done, leadership is about creating and cultivating the larger context—the fertile common ground and soil in which things can happen.

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