Government backed healthcare system presents investment opportunity

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According to The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, “Half of all Medicare reimbursements by 2018 will be made to medical-care providers through ‘alternative’ payment models.” Insurance companies, too, are making similar proclamations in their commercial contracts with doctors and hospitals.

From a business perspective this is an outstanding investment opportunity for any individual who is conscious of the growing need for streamlined systems and processes that will enable medical facilities to meet the ongoing demand for patient treatment and care in line with value based reimbursement.

Our resident patient point-of-care identification tests virtually assure no staff or patient errors. This allows true identification of our resident patient based on fingerprint biometrics.

ID4MEDS anticipates an initial IPO within 12 to 24 months after initial crowdfunding, commencing almost immediately. ID4MEDS is currently fundraising $25,000 and looking for investors. All crowdfunding profits go toward the technical requirements and meeting up with the codes involved with the billing through Medicare to enable the rapid rollout.

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